Triple Easter Egg QR Code!!

Jimmy Fallon’s attention to detail, social media and entertainment is apparent again in his Friday night performance featuring Stephen Colbert with the Roots and Taylor Hicks singing Rebecca Black’s “Friday!” Enjoy the video, but keep an eye out for the QR code.

Did you see the it? The QR code shows up at about 3:38 into the video. The fun part is in the QR code scanning. It is difficult, but it can be scanned. While the code didn’t resolve to a mobile site, the goal – a video. Don’t be fooled the fun doesn’t stop there!

QR Code extracted from the Colbert/Fallon performance of "Friday"

Jimmy Fallon rewards those “Nerds of the Nerdiest” who actually scan the QR code and find the Easter eggs. Enjoy a visit to Jimmy’s office for a little Dance Avenue!

Good luck and happy scanning!

Did you scan the code and find the Easter egg?