Scan ‘Til You Drop With ScanLife

To celebrate the holiday season, ScanLife is giving away prizes to the top holiday scanners. Every 7 days in December, we will reward the top scanner for the time period with a $50 Amazon Gift Card. At the end of the month, the top scanner for the entire month of December will … [Read more...]

Rock the Vote! Scan to Register

Today is a big day… Millions of people will be standing in line waiting to get a ballot to vote for the next United States President. But what does voting have to do with QR Codes? I thought the same thing till I came across an article on that talked about the … [Read more...]

QR Codes in the Wild: October 2012 Edition

Each month we write tons of blog posts on about the QR Codes that we come across while we are out and about. This month like every other month, we saw plenty of creative ways that people are using QR Codes in their marketing efforts. Below are some of the … [Read more...]

London Olympics Site of QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Turkish Airlines has launched their version of a scavenger hunt using QR Codes designed as flags from 80 different countries are rotating on 100 bus shelters. The venue for this event is happening in London during the 2012 Olympics! Participants scan the QR Flags when they see … [Read more...]

QR Codes, Trivia & The World Park [Video]

Not your typical park tour, The World Park uses Park Codes (QR Codes) to share Central Park's trivia in a way that engages a new generation of visitors and turns the park into an interactive board game! Arbor Day 2010. Created by Agency Magma and NYC Parks and … [Read more...]

Why Have You Scanned QR Codes? [InfoGraphic]

Are you seeing more QR Codes than ever? It seems like they are everywhere. We are scanning them as we see them and are having fun doing it. The folks at Lab42 asked 500 Americans about QR Codes. Here is what they found: … [Read more...]

QR Codes are Everywhere – Just take a look!

Don't believe us, watch this video from our friends at MobileKlik! MobileKlik -- QR Codes Are Everywhere! … [Read more...]

The QR Invasion – Kyoo-Ahr Kohd [InfoGraphic]

  An invasion of QR Codes has made its way to us! Physical and Digital Worlds Collide with QR Codes. This infographic from the folks at JumpScan gives a great idea of the who, what and where of QR Codes. If you haven't seen them, you will. Get your smart phone ready, go … [Read more...]

QR Codes At-a-Glance [InfoGraphic]

The Daring Librarian has given us many tutorials and now she has shared with us her QR Code Comic Tutorial. Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones brings her librarian's point of view to the understanding of QR Codes, what they are and how they work. See this and more of The Daring … [Read more...]