Netbiscuits Helps Publishers with 2D Bar Codes

Netbiscuits, a leading cloud platform for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all mobile and connected devices, is currently offering (recommending) a value-added solution to publishers, which will 1) help publishers increase the number of and revenue … [Read more...]

Third Times a Charm for Sports Illustrated, Maybe

You can't blame them for trying.Recently, Sports Illustrated announced the use of digital watermarks in the soon-to-be-released 2012 swimsuit issue, as a means to enhance the reader experience. Two years ago, Sports Illustrated used JAGTAGs in the swimsuit issue, and last year … [Read more...]

SnapTags (Do Not) Push Scanning Technology Forward

Yesterday, an article on Publishers Weekly titled "SnapTags Push Scanning Technology Forward - Move Over, QR Codes" caught my eye, and there are a few items that I question the author, Gabe Habash, on.First, the title itself. Mr. Habash, how are SnapTags pushing scanning … [Read more...]