QR Codes Adding Value To Print

Most QR codes that are released into the wild are printed by a commercial printer. This  means printers are on the front lines of distributing QR codes in to the wild. The team here at QRlicious have definitely noticed an increase in printers inquiring for more education, and … [Read more...]

SnapTags (Do Not) Push Scanning Technology Forward

Yesterday, an article on Publishers Weekly titled "SnapTags Push Scanning Technology Forward - Move Over, QR Codes" caught my eye, and there are a few items that I question the author, Gabe Habash, on.First, the title itself. Mr. Habash, how are SnapTags pushing scanning … [Read more...]

QR Codes in Newspapers – What to Avoid

QR Codex When submitting your advertising containing QR Codes to newspapers there are several things to consider. Registration The number one, most important of all, is to make sure - that if your QR Code is Black & White - it MUST be printed on the black plate ONLY. … [Read more...]