Stock Market QR Code

The USA Today Newspaper last week featured a green QR Code in the Money section that caught my eye, so I thought I would share. The QR Code was next to a small paragraph explaining how you can get the latest business news on your smartphone. When I scanned the QR Code it linked … [Read more...]

Promoting the Metro Mobile App with QR Codes

There is a great picture making its way around the internet the past few days. It’s related to how the Metro Newspaper is using QR Code to promote its mobile App. Please take a moment to view more pictures from this great promotion on the Rethink … [Read more...]

QR Codes in Newspapers – What to Avoid

QR Codex When submitting your advertising containing QR Codes to newspapers there are several things to consider. Registration The number one, most important of all, is to make sure - that if your QR Code is Black & White - it MUST be printed on the black plate ONLY. … [Read more...]