QR Code Reporting: Track the Locations of Scans

Our team is quite excited to announce the release of some major new enhancements to the QReate & Track application. One feature that many customers have been looking forward to for a long time has been included in this release. Yes, QR Code location-tracking and reporting is … [Read more...]

Scan the QR Code to locate a Post Office

On a recent trip to the post office (insert reason why here: I was mailing a bunch of John Foley’s books out) I happen to notice that they have placed a large QR Code right on the front door. The QR Code linked to their locations page of their website where you can enter a zip … [Read more...]

Atlanta Food Critic Adds QR Codes for Geo-Location to Reviews

The Atlanta Metro area is huge and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Atlanta-Food-Critic.com reviews restaurants all over the metro area and has now made it easier to locate the restaurants they review by adding QR codes. At the end of each restaurant review is a QR … [Read more...]