Are QR Codes a Terrible Idea?

On there is an article titled "QR Codes Are A Terrible Idea. Why Is Image Recognition Even Worse?" and I have a couple of comments/questions for the author Frank Hayes. The article is shown below, with my comments/questions in italics.QR Codes Are A Terrible Idea. … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of QR Codes for Small Business

Each year more and more people are using smartphones. Over half of all Americans now have smartphones with more people using these devices than land lines and other mobile devices.  For marketers, the mobility of smartphones makes it possible to reach customers without any … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Increase QR Code Scans

Mobile marketing has introduced us to a completely new way of promoting products to our audience.  If you have not introduced mobile marketing channels to your printed products, now is the time to start! Here are a few tips to help you incorporate QR Codes into your marketing … [Read more...]

Integrated Marketing and Repurposed Content

This afternoon, I went to JPMorgan's main corporate website to research something, and I noticed a top-line navigation tab that I have yet to see on other websites. Tucked in among the navigation tabs for Home, About Us, Investor Relations, Contact Us and Careers, there is a tab … [Read more...]

QR Codes and Social Sharing

This morning, I read an article on Mobile Marketing by Dale Remie, founder/CEO of Grapevine QR, titled "The Missing Link in QR Code and Facebook Marketing."If I read Dale's article correctly, he is basically saying that, when a company uses a QR Code for promotion or advertising … [Read more...]

Should Luxury Marketers Use QR Codes?

Articles written about QR Codes often help to raise awareness about the technology and its usefulness for marketing and advertising purposes but, after reading a recently published article on Luxury Daily titled, "Should luxury marketers move on from QR Codes?", I'm not so sure … [Read more...]

Lessons from 2012 QR Code Campaigns

So you’ve secured your marketing budget for 2013 and now want to connect with your customers via mobile. Since all research indicates that the majority of them have a smartphone, you know it’s the right move. Now “all” you need are original ideas. Fear not my friend, as you’ve … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is…

After reviewing dozens of advertising and promotion campaigns, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 3rd Annual Best Mobile Bar Code Campaign Award is Scandinavian Airlines. Congratulations! The grand prize of $250,000 and a Tiffany-made silver loving cup … [Read more...]

The Misconceptions of QR Codes

The other day, I noticed an article titled "QR Codes: Fad, Marketing Trend or ..." on The Social CMO Blog, and I thought it fitting to discuss the content of the article for the first post of the New Year. The article is brief and reprinted below. QR Codes: Fad, Marketing Trend … [Read more...]

Stop Using QR Codes, Now!

For the past several years, I have been an advocate of QR Codes, as well as other print-to-digital technology, for marketing, advertising and promotion purposes but, when I see a company use a QR Code in the way described below, the first thought that comes to mind is to say … [Read more...]

Social Sharing via QR Codes

With all of the talk among marketers about social this and social that, I'm often left wondering why the vast majority of marketers who make use of QR Codes in their advertising (print, out-of-home, in-store, packaging, etc.) don't enable social sharing via the code's scan … [Read more...]