Scan QR Code to Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief

QR Code for Red Cross donations to aid in relief from hurricane Sandy.

QR Codes can help in times of crisis and disasters can bring out the best in people who can’t other wise help by donating to relief efforts. Hurricane Sandy has devastated New York, New Jersey and other areas of the northeast. While the rest of us watch the disaster on our small screens, there are an untold number who are living this disaster and it is so much bigger than the news can report.

What people don’t realize is that FEMA can’t meet most of the needs of families who have lost so much. The RED CROSS is always on the front lines to step in and offer help. Scan the QR Code and easily donate from your smart phone or click on this link: RED CROSS.

ScanLife has made this QR Code available for easy access to donate to the RED CROSS for relief. Just scan the QR Code to donate to the RED CROSS now.

Red Cross Mobile Donation PageIt is important to remember that when the news turns to other things, families will still be digging out and trying to salvage their lives or even start over, the need will continue. Scan the QR Code and give to help those whose homes and lives have been devastated by hurricane Sandy.

Or if you prefer:
Text REDCROSS to 90999
to donate $10

This is personal to me. I can attest to the help that the RED CROSS offers during these disasters. My family and I were personally affected when our home was destroyed by hurricane Andrew. Most everyone we knew in Miami was either instantly homeless or had their homes extremely damaged. We could not lean on one another other than to compare our storm stories. It was FEMA that repaired the infrastructure and cleared the debris, but it was the help offered by the RED CROSS  that really made a difference for us. You don’t know what difference your donation will make, but be assured, it WILL make a difference!  — Stephanie True Moss

Editor’s Note: If you are reading this on your computer, you can just click the QR Code to donate to the RED CROSS.