The Rise of QR Codes from [InfoGraphic]

The creative team at has shared this InfoGraphic showing QR Code scanning information.

The Rise of QR Codes


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  1. Thanks QR Media.

  2. Tony Vassiliev says:

    That is a great looking infographic, but the a lot of the stats are misleading when taking in account the study ComScore released. According to their figures Males are the dominant user 60/40. Dominant age category is 25-34 with nearly 37% of all users. And the media most scanned is print (newspaper/magazines) with 50% of all scans. Here is a link to their findings:

    As much as I love seeing new data, and I think it’s very important to our industry, compiling stats that will confuse advertiser and consumers is not doing anyone any good. With 5 different sources listed in that infographic, I fear Queaar chose the numbers they found most appealing from each source which does not provide an accurate view of the market.

    • Thanks for the comment Tony.

      The ComScore study report on QR Code scan is based on only JUNE 2011 data (ComScore states that “The study found that in June 2011, 14 million mobile users in the U.S., representing 6.2 percent of the total mobile audience, scanned a QR code on their mobile device.”).

      With our Infographic we are showing the growth in QR code usage between 2010 & Q1 2011. We believe a large data set across months gives our industry a better perspective.

      The sources of our data are from serious people at their work (MGHUS, Burson Marsteller, etc) and it is not about the numbers which we like but the numbers which would help our industry to get the holistic view of the market response on usage of QR codes.

      PS: none of the study captures the statistics of non-url based QR code scans