QR Codes & Mobile: The Time is Now

Post by Stephanie True Moss, originally appeared on SpinSucks.com and also appeared on ragan.com.

Professional Development for PR and Marketing Pros

Smart phones are everywhere and so are QR Codes! By now you have seen and may have scanned your share of QR Codes. If you haven’t they can be fun and lead to videos, pictures, mobile information and more that is unveiled with a simple scan.

Every day there are more and more QR codes for things such as:

  • Marketing and information;
  • Customer service and further client engagement; and
  • Clients and customers choosing to engage with brands, products, restaurants, and companies.

Some smaller brands and companies have adopted QR codes fairly quickly and are having fun doing it. Larger brands and companies have until recently experimented with QR codes as an add-on to current campaigns, slipping them in the corner or at the bottom of printed materials. One major retailer has created a campaign with a QR code as it’s centerpiece and through their marketing efforts, they are educating more consumers about QR codes.

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