QR Code Scavenger Hunts Make Trade Shows & Conferences More Fun

I attended a trade show that really surprised me! There was a QR Code scavenger hunt that was not only fun to play, it made it fun to visit the different booths and linger as I waited for the next stage of the game! It appears that all you need to join the fun is a smartphone, a QR Code reader app and a desire for adventure!

QRwild scavenger hunt gameI did a little digging and found that QR Wild creates QR Code-based scavenger hunts for all sized organizations. They actually have an ongoing public game that you can try, but they also have a great platform for creating games tailored to specific events or websites. Here are a couple of examples of QR Code games and scavenger hunts that used QR Wild’s platform.

Finding Christmas

One of the games, “Finding Christmas” was produced for the Salvation Army’s kettle campaign in St. Joseph County, Indiana last Christmas holiday season. Players picked up digital badges at specific sites and earned points. More points go to trickier-to-get badges. Points were used to not just to reward  players, but also to educate them about the Salvation Army and where the money actually goes that is collected in those kettles.

Facebook page for Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter app and their QR Code scavenger hunt at Gen Con IndyGen Con Indy and Neverwinter

Needing a strategy that would appeal to the average gamer – pegged by Electronic Software Association as being male, 30 years old, and with 12 years of gaming experience ­– Wizards of the Coast LLC sent an email blast a week before Gen Con Indy started. According to exhibitoronline.com this was in an effort to promote Neverwinter, a new add-on to the Dungeons & Dragons game. The email alerted attendees to “Mass Adventure.” Facebook posts helped build the excitement and participants were eventually given the rules of the game including downloading a QR Code reader app. The game was layered mostly around the hotel and conference at Gen Con Indy. Those attending the conference were immersed in clues and QR Codes found in such unexpected places as airport posters to hotel key cards. They were also found throughout the conference. [read more]

QRwild QR CodeQR Codes can make it easy to track participation. The results of the Gen Con Indy – Neverwinter experience showed that nearly 45% of the Gen Con Indy attendees participated, they reached 3 million social-media impressions and scored 28 million mainstream media impressions! QR Wild again was called upon for their QR Code scavenger hunt and game expertise.

If you want to include a QR Code scavenger hunt game in your upcoming event you might want to check out QR Wild. Next time you attend an event, conference or trade show, be on the lookout for more of these games to enhance the event’s fun and excitement.