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Norton Snap QR Code Scanner / Reader from Symantec

QR Code scanner from Symantec-Norton

Are you hesitant to scan those QR Codes that are everywhere these days, because of a fear of malicious or fake QR Codes, viruses or malware? Do you fear that a QR code is a website in disguise and you can’t tell if a QR code is safe or dangerous until after you scan it? Have you wanted a QR Code scanner that protects your mobile phone from phishing and other threats?

There is a new QR Code scanner available for Android and iPhones from Symantec, Norton™ Labs SnapNorton™ Labs Snap claims that it is the first QR code scanner that protects you, your mobile device, and your important Stuff from online threats that may come from QR Codes. It does this by warning you of dangerous QR codes and blocking unsafe websites before they load on your device.

Norton™ Snap QR Code Scanner’s other features:

• Automatically scans QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe or if they are fake or malicious sites set up to scam you.
• The First & Only QR code scanner that checks the safety of websites before they load on your device.
• FREE for a limited time (US only).
• Identifies trusted sites and lets you visit them immediately.
• Blocks unsafe, fake or phishing sites and stops online threats before your browser even loads.
• Expands shortened Web site addresses so you can see where a link really goes before you click on it.
• Easy-to-read rating icon lets you know if a site is secure or not.
• Clicking the rating icon takes you to the full Norton Safe Web site, which provides in-depth information about the site, including country of origin and what safety or security issues were found.
• Sends a quick message to friends, so you can share sites you think worth visiting.

Now there is no reason not to scan that next QR Code you see when shopping, scanning a magazine or even on TV!

Norton™ Lab Snap for iPhone

Norton™ Lab Snap for Android

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