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QR Generators List

Now that you have decided to create your own QR Code you need to plan what type of QR Code to create. There are many types of QR Codes including those for URL or websites, plain text, SMS, phone call, vCard, email, social media links and more. There is an abundance of  QR Code generators. QR Code generators also vary in the types of QR Codes they can produce and the extra services they offer. Try several QR Code generators to see which is best for you. Use this comprehensive list to help you find the QR Code generator that works best for you! Most are free, some even offer tracking and analytics. Create QR Codes that work best for you with these tools. Or to search for a specific type of QR Code go to Share QR Code generators that aren’t on our list? Use the form below to submit them for approval.  Check our other lists:  QR Code Generators with Tracking & Analytics, QR Code Readers & Scanners and Dynamic QR Codes! Scroll down for QR Code Generators List:


Search for QR Code Services at QRmedia.comCreate your own QR Code event or campaign. Search for and find the best QR Code Services at to help you with your next campaign or event. Search by the type of information you wish to encode or by the category of QR Code services you need.

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  • Guest

    Another big list (with many in common)….

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  • Anonymous

    Can we suggest adding us ( ) to the list?

  • Chris Edwards

    Can I suggest adding to the list?

  • Qreative

    Now it’s possible to create FREE custom QR Codes. Try QReative @ . You can create a customised QR Code starting by user-submitted themes or by Special Themes (they goes from Piet Mondrian to Andy Warhol to Puzzle Bubble and Minesweeper) but it’s possible too to create custom themes for your QR Codes. Try it! It’s free.

  • Maurizio Fusillo

    Now it’s possible to create FREE custom QR Codes. Try QReative @ . You can create a customised QR Code starting by user-submitted themes or by Special Themes (they goes from Piet Mondrian to Andy Warhol to Puzzle Bubble and Minesweeper) but it’s possible too to create custom themes for your QR Codes. Try it! It’s free.

  • Vlad

    You might add as well,
    support URL, email, phone, SMS, vCard, text, GEO cordinates, WIFI

  • Webstyleforall

    I suggest this QR code generator because it has an option to send the generated QR Code
    directly to you email address:

    There are nice t-shirt too :)

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  • Caseorganic

    This Vanity QR Code generator just launched yesterday!

    • Stephanie True Moss

      Vanity QR Code generator is now listed in our QR Code generators list.
      You are invited to Add your FREE Listing in the searchable QR Code services directory at –

  • Nick

    i use easy and powerful

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  • Productscape

    Try us out too! You can create/design QR codes AND easily create the mobile website they point to for a variety of different uses. Analytics and reporting as well to help you determine which codes are scanned when and what people do once they visit your site. We just launched!

    • Stephanie True Moss

      Thanks for bringing Productscape to our attention! It has been added to our Amazing QR Code Generator List! You can now add Productscape to the listings at – a searchable QR Code Services Directory!

  • Steven Trotter

    How do we get added to this list? Our service,, is coming out of closed beta next month and pricing details will be released at that time. We offer dynamic QR codes with detailed analytics, raster and vector code download, and campaign organization features such as filters, tags and reporting.

    • QRmedia

      Send us a reminder when comes out of beta and we will add it to our lists! At that time you can add a listing with description to our searchable QR Code Services Directory at!

    • Stephanie True Moss is listed! Keep us posted as to when you are out of closed beta.

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  • Mike

    For people looking for a generator in Spanish, this is a great option

  • Antonio

    Add to this list

  • SmartQRcontact

    Here is another one,
    Create free mobile page with all your social links (phone, mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google map, …) and get a qrcode to promote your page.

  • Terry

    Add another to your list

  • Ralle

    Hey Nick,
    great tool! I’m using

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for including us on your list. We look forward for more people to know about us and use our services.

  • Steven Pungdumri

    I’m the founder of LookupLink listed above, we make it easy to share links when you’re offline! Type in your link and we’ll give you a QR code and a short code (a few letters long). Share the short code with anyone and they can look it up at !

  • Hovitya

    Can I ask you to add to the list?

  • Nick

    Here is few screenshots of TAGO qr code generator with tracking:

  • BPG picture barcode

    you can use this to make a QR with you logo/picture

  • Arun Sengupta

    wow… what a list… I didn’t know there are sooooooo many of these :P
    Thanx :)

    • Stephanie True Moss

      Check back as the QR Code Lists are updated regularly!

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  • Joseph Denton

    May I suggest

    Generates QR Codes and any other type of barcode you may want.

  • Zhu Chenye

    Another great one launched this week

    No registration, no sign up, just input what you need and done.

    They also provide print quality QRCode, and GEO Location with Goolge Map, which is even better than ZXing official Project

  • Kurt

    I LOVED QRCODECHEF.COM completely dedicated to ease of use!

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  • Home Remedies

    Good post and great site, It is surprising that QR codes have taken this long to reach America and be adopted by the advertising crowd. Apparently, they don’t know a good thing when they see it.
    Thanks for the consolidated listing, I mentioned and link to it in the post.

  • Mdikici

    I like this one:

  • Luis Galarza

    This is a great list of generators… Which one can do vanity codes that feature your pictures or custom image?…

    • QReativeShirt
    • Stephanie True Moss

      Luis, Check out our list of Creative QR Code generators: All offer a form of creative QR Codes, some offer branding.

      There are several services that will custom design branded QR codes for you.

      Send us a copy of your vanity code and we will publish it here for you!


    • Stephanie True Moss

      Check the Creative QR Codes list. Just click List in the menu above to see the available lists of different types of QR Code Generator Lists. At the moment there are 8 different lists to choose from!

  • guest

    QRtization is now available on the app store. QRtization is an app which allows you to customize QR codes. check it out at

    • Stephanie True Moss

      We are happy for you to submit your QR app for review to be included in our list. See the form at the bottom of our QR Code Generators list!

  • myqr

    Don’t forget

    • Stephanie True Moss

      Please scroll to the bottom of the QR Code Generators List to submit your site for approval to add it to the proper lists!

  • EmilyTMB

    We use Free QR Code Tracker and are really pleased with the results. It not only creates a QR code but it tracks it for you as well so you know who scanned it and when. All for free. And your dashboard is emailed to you once a week with helpful tips and how to customised your QR code too.

  • SEO Services

    this is really nice for those who are really seeking this type of stuff

  • QR Code

    Great list of generators!

  • Marcel

    I use QRlicious ( – I love it.