Ping Tags Create QR Code Link to LinkedIn

LinkedIn profile accessed on a smart phone with a QR code from PingTags.comJust when you thought you had seen everything that QR codes could do, Ping Tags from SquarePush, LLC adds shows us yet another one. Now, thanks to Ping Tags, you can instantly share your LinkedIn profile with just a quick can with a smart phone! When you authorize Ping Tags to access your LinkedIn profile it turns it into a mobile app that is accessible with your own QR code. Download the code and add it to your business card which increases the info you can share with one little card. Not only is your profile available, but your phone number and email are available with one touch!

How To…

Log into your PingTags account to see how many people scanned your QR code, what links they clicked and even a map showing exactly where they scanned the code.

Misplace your Ping Tag QR code? Just visit Dashboard and there it is again. Even if you relink and make another QR code, it reproduces the same code for your profile as before and relinks to your code’s analytics.

Ping Tags is not the new kid on the block, they have offered this service for months. At QR media, we first tested Ping Tags in the summer of 2010.

Thanks Chris Brogan for sharing how you are using QR Codes and Ping Tags!