Petunias have their own QR Codes at Home Depot

Home Depot QR Code on a Japanese HollyHome Depot QR Code on a plant stakeA weekend visit to the garden center a our local Home Depot found QR codes on their newly arrived seasonal plants. The labels on most annuals, shrubs, herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables are now emblazoned with QR codes along with the normal info. Home-Depot Lily with QR Code on labelMost any question you would have about the plants are answered at the mobile site for each plant! Several shoppers who were seen scanning the labels seemed to be enjoying more than just shopping, but also … the thrill of the scan! Imagine petunias having their own website!

Outdoor furniture shopping enhanced with videos accessible through QR Codes!

Home Depot's Martha Stewart furniture QR codeA step inside to the outdoor furniture displays offered another array of QR Codes. This time not only do they link to mobile specific pages for each outdoor set, but there’s also a video. Note the instructions for downloading a QR Code scanner.

Home Depot's Martha Stewart line of outdoor furniture with QR Code