London Olympics Site of QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Turkish Airlines QR Flag for BrazilTurkish Airlines has launched their version of a scavenger hunt using QR Codes designed as flags from 80 different countries are rotating on 100 bus shelters. The venue for this event is happening in London during the 2012 Olympics!

Participants scan the QR Flags when they see them or go on a hunt to try to check-in at as many flags as they can find using a special mobile site which keeps track of the QR Flags that participants scan when they check-in at the location of each QR Flag.

McCann Istanbul created the mobile site for check-ins when scanning the QR Flags and a Facebook App for anyone interested in following the QR Flag, QR Code scavenger hunt!

The person with the most check-ins or the one who has the greatest number of individual check-ins will win a two-way ticket to one of Turkish Airlines’ global destinations. Not a bad return for scanning some QR Codes!

Turkish Airlines QR Flag for China Turkish Airlines QR Flag for Sweden Turkish Airlines QR Flag for United Kingdom

Bus Shelter with Turkish Airlines QR Flag ready to be scanned by scavenger hunt participants.
Turkish Airlines QR Flag Challenge - QR Codes at the London Olympics

QR Flag QR Code scanning stats on Facebook