Delayed Scan-ification: QR Codes in the Subway

Path Subway CarJust because you have no internet access or reception, it doesn’t mean you can’t scan a QR Code that may be in the subway or in a magazine you are reading on a plane. So many people are complaining about seeing QR Codes in places where there is no internet access. Is it because they haven’t been able to scan QR Codes there or just assume they can’t scan when they’re “off the grid!”

Some QR Codes simply encode text that never requires internet access. Others may encode website URLs which will not resolve without internet access. But what is a website URL, but a text string that triggers a link to a website.

The awesome thing about many QR Code scanners is that they save the information scanned in their history. That means that any QR Code scanned will be saved in the QR Code scanner history or bookmarks until it is deleted!

So scan those QR Codes in the subway or anywhere whether there is internet access or not. Capture the encoded information and then when you do have internet reception, you can see what those QR Codes lead to and though somewhat delayed, still enjoy the “thrill of the scan!”

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QRafter - QR Code scan history
ScanIt - QR Code scan history
i-nigma QR Code scan history

Some QR Code scanners that save history, activity or bookmarks:




QR Scanner



Microsoft Tag










QR Droid

QR Pal

Of course, you can always snap a picture of any QR Code to scan later by a QR Code scanner/reader that scans from the phone’s photo album! TIP: take 2 pictures, one of the QR code and the other of the ad, poster or article containing the QR Code to give you context when you finally do scan the code!


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