WordPress Branded QR Code

WordPress Branded QR Code

WordPress developer Dougal Campbell recently created this WordPress branded QR Code using Qart Coder which is listed in our QRmedia Creative QR Codes and QR Code Generators lists.

It was Duncan Robertson’s BBC branded QR Code that began to pique the interest of  coders and designers. They were anxious to push the envelope and move past the black and which pixeled rectangle that was beginning to draw the attention of marketers and creative professionals.

Russ Cox developed a different method for creating branded or creative QR Codes. Most Creative QR Codes are designed exploiting the Reed-Soloman error correction levels.  This allow for up to 30% destruction of the QR code by the introduction of pixels that are purely decoration and are not contributing in any way to the QR Code.

“Instead of scribbling on redundant pieces and relying on error correction to preserve the meaning, we can engineer the encoded values to create the picture in a code with no inherent errors…” – Russ Cox

The method that Cox developed presents a different type of branded QR Code. Create your own using Qart QR Code generator.

Branded QR Code samples created at http://research.swtch.com/qr/draw


The WordPress branded QR Code above is a valid (no errors) QR code which points to the wordpress.org website.

If you note the QR Code’s resolve URL is: http://wordpress.org/#853938686854448254577670597298685109163490516087031640248337349381171897186341338178141980000984253340016833613512037001884554168302752340271008354691421003980360681682675132264958519790341010673366469938683256511512113149298508037746938340251128127948003757287340

According to the WordPress QR Code’s creator, Dougal Campbell, the extra characters are not some sort of affiliate links, but “The hash on the URL is how the generator is able to make the QR code without introducing errors.”

Go ahead, try it yourself at Qart Coder and share a link to your newly branded QR Code!