12 Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

by Stephanie True Moss, QRmedia.us

This article first appeared as a Guest post on SpinSucks.com

12 QR Code stepsThe mobile revolution is happening!

Increasingly, mobile smart phones and tablets are shifting our attention away from our desktop and laptop computers to our mobile devices. As consumers access the Internet from these devices, marketers need to be focused on finding shortcuts for quicker and easier entry points. Mobile tags and QR codes give mobile devices instant access to mobile communication.

Following are 12 tips to best use these tips to understand the capabilities of smart phones for your next campaign.

Stephanie True Moss is the founder and chief creative officer of True Moss Communications, Inc. and editor of QRmedia.us.

Twelve Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

The mobile revolution is happening!

More and more of us are carrying palm top computers. We have desktops, laptops and now more and more of us have that third window — mobile smart phones. Tablets are another accessory that are aiding the shift away from computers to mobile devices. As we access the internet from these devices finding shortcuts for quicker and easier entry points is key. Mobile tags and QR codes give mobile devices instant access to mobile communication.

Taking advantage of the opportunity that mobile and QR codes offer is a growing opportunity. For greater success follow these tips to understand and use the capabilities of smart phones for your next campaign.

  1. Learn about QR codes. Learn how they work, what they are capable of doing and how they can benefit both the client and the end user. Remember that QR codes are capable of using not only the smart phone’s camera, but GPS, phone, SMS, internet connection and more. Exploit those capabilities to the benefit of the client and the person scanning.
  2.  brickwallPlan your QR Code campaign. Think Mobile. Optimize for mobile, include videos, interactivity, mobile coupons, fun and more. Forget about Flash or you will alienate iPhone carrying consumers. Resist the urge to create a QR code and slap it on an existing campaign with a simple link to the company’s website. You will certainly lose the impact and disappoint the end users.  —The brick wall at right is the background from a flash-based restaurant site. That is all that iPhone users saw, not even the restaurant name is visible. 
  3. Give something extra. Now is the time for creative thinking. QR codes are about offering a greater experience to the end-user which can create a fun and memorable campaign. Even providing video instructions or care and maintenance information can be a huge help.
  4.  Have specific goals, call to action. By having specific goals for your QR codes you can measure their effectiveness and consumer response. Make sure to include forms to collect opt-in information.
  5.  Understand QR Code management, tracking and analysis.  You can gain great insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns like never before. QR codes are capable of being tracked in many ways giving greater understanding of the impact of marketing collateral and even press releases.
  6.  Determine how and when the campaign or promotion will end. Running a special event, contest or sale is a great way to use QR Codes, don’t forget to add deadlines.
  7.  Create the QR Code or Codes for the campaign. Many QR Code generators are available so pay attention to the options that are available especially for tracking and analytics. Some even offer the ability to change the destination of the code which can be a valuable option. If your QR code links to a website, don’t forget to use a URL shortener for a QR code that is easier to scan. Here is a great list of QR code Generators and a list of generators that offer tracking and analytics.
  8. Include instructions on how to scan QR codes. Remember that not everyone knows what QR codes are or that they can have fun scanning them. Perhaps list a few QR Code scanners that work on multiple platforms. • Open QR code scanner application on your smart phone. Point the phone’s camera at code, scanner will do the rest.
  9. Offer alternate response options. Offering alternate response paths, website URLs offers non-smart phone users the opportunity to participate. It also gives an opportunity to measure the response from different entry points.
  10.  Test, Test, Test and Test again!  Make sure to test your QR code to make sure that it resolves to the correct URL or content. Be sure to test using different types of smart phone platforms and QR code scanners/readers.
  11.  Launch your QR Code campaign. Once the campaign is live you can begin to monitor the activity!
  12.  Plan for the after-life of your QR code. QR codes may remain in circulation long after the initial campaign has ended. Two things can happen when the code is scanned after the campaign ends:
    • The end-user can be greeted with a message simply saying that the promotion has ended.
    • University of Alabama QR CodeRe-purpose the message to a new campaign, a coupon, or video that still offers value to the scanner and the opportunity to continue to interact with new end users.  The pictured QR code banner on the College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Alabama is a great example of the opportunity offered by QR Codes that live on. It began as a link for homecoming events. Then the message was tornado related information for the hard hit university and community of Tuscaloosa, Ala. Currently the QR Code gives information about the College of Human Environmental Sciences for the new semester. Just remember that  you can change the message of a QR Code that points to a mobile optimized landing page!

    With some planning and forethought you can make your QR code campaign worth remembering and sharing!

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