Turn bit.ly URLs into QR codes by adding .qr

QR code created at bit.ly just by adding.qr at the end of the shortened URL!

1. http://bit.ly/ai22SS

It worked for goo.gl and it works for bit.ly!

Google generated a great amount of press with the report of their “Easter Egg” URL shortener and QR code generator. One of the leading URL shortners, bit.ly has been around for a long time with great analytics. But did you know that like goo.gl, bit.ly also creates a QR code when you add .qr to the end of a bit.ly shortened URL! The new QR code appears on a new page with a bit.ly fish. Just right click and save the code and you are ready to go. Alternatively, add .qrcode at the end of your bit.ly shortened URL and you get the code without the fish, right click and save your code. If you have a bit.ly account, this works on all of the codes you have previously shortened!

The bottom line, if you are already using bit.ly, there is no real reason to switch to goo.gl. If you are looking for that cheap thrill that comes with the quick trick of adding .qr at the end of the shortened URL, use either of these shorteners. There are many other QR code generators that encode a variety of different types of information including, email, sms, videos, photos, wifi info, geo location, phone numbers, vCards, meCards and more!

http://bit.ly/ai22SS encoded at http://quiQR.it

2. http://bit.ly/ai22SS

Does bit.ly produce better QR Codes than goo.gl?

If your goal is an optimized code, bit.ly may not be the best place to produce your code. Sample #2 is the same bit.ly URL (http://bit.ly/ai22SS) as the example (#1) above encoded by quiQR.it.* Why doesn’t bit.ly make a more optimized code using the shortened URL?

The code produced by goo.gl (#3) is a little better, but still not optimized as well as the code produced by a third party generator using the shortened bit.ly code.

Same destination, but encoded with goo.gl

3. Same destination, but encoded with goo.gl

Notes: The first (#1) QR code above was created using: http://bit.ly/ai22SS and the adding .qr at the end: http://bit.ly/ai22SS.qr. The second (#2) was created by taking the above bit.ly code to a third party generator – quiQR.it,  and the result is a tighter code with same destination. The third (#3) QR code was created with goo.gl using the original URL for this page. The resulting code was about half as large as the bit.ly code (#1), but it too is not quite as well optimized as the quiQR.it QR code (#2).

*Third party generator randomly selected. There are an abundance of QR code generators. A list is available in the sidebar at right.