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Looking to make a QR Code for Free or to create a QR Code with a logo in it? Perhaps you need a QR Code management system to track QR Code scans and more. Check these lists for the QR Code services that meet your needs.

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Best QR Code Generators List

The Best list of QR Code Generators on the internet – with over 200 different QR Code Generators! Scan the QR Code to search the list on your smartphone.

Magnifying GlassQR Code Generators with Tracking & Analytics

Find QR Code Generators and management systems offering Tracking & Analytics

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Not all QR Code Readers & Scanners are the same. Check them all, then choose!

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Find Creative QR Code Services, including simple colors, add logo or picture, as well as high-end creative QR Code designers & more!

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Dynamic QR Codes give you more control over your message. Find your choice of Dynamic QR Code Services from free to premium Dynamic QR Code Services & more!

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Great searchable directory of QR Code Services, including generators, scanners, games, consultants, readers, management, tracking systems & more!