4 Tips to Increase QR Code Scans

Mobile marketing has introduced us to a completely new way of promoting products to our audience.  If you have not introduced mobile marketing channels to your printed products, now is the time to start! Here are a few tips to help you incorporate QR Codes into your marketing … [Read more...]

Did Graph Expo Mark the End of QR Codes?

Well, Graph Expo 2012 has come and gone. As one of the biggest print industry events of the year, it certainly has the potential to help shape the future for many service providers throughout the world. Attendees go there to learn about and acquire new technology, both in terms … [Read more...]

QR Codes as a Conversation Starter

We certainly are quite fond of posting pictures of how QR Codes are being used on various printed materials. But when it comes to truly demonstrating how QR Codes can be used in one’s daily activities, video really can tell a tremendous story. The video below highlights how … [Read more...]

Need a Mobile Website for Your QR Code?

There is no doubt that we are big fans of QR Codes here at interlinkONE. We try scanning nearly everyone we see — whether they are on direct mail pieces, at a zoo, on a bathroom door, or even on a billboard. While we love to see companies putting them to use to make their … [Read more...]

Take a Bite out of Taco Bell’s Latest QR Code Campaign

After great success with their Doritos Los Tacos and MTV VMA campaigns, Taco Bell has continued its tradition of innovative QR Code implementation with the launch of their new Cantina Bell Menu. The quick serve giant has deployed ScanLife powered QR Codes as part of a print … [Read more...]

Using QR Codes to Gain Attendee Feedback: MFSA Conference

Our CEO John Foley, Jr. recently had the chance to speak at the 2012 MFSA Annual Conference. During his presentation, “Making Money with Mobile”, John shared a number of technologies, strategies, and tools that service providers can use to effectively grow their … [Read more...]

Painted QR Code Video

If you have a moment, I think you’ll enjoy the video below. It’s from the artist Yiying Lu. Throughout the 5-minute video, Lu incorporates QR Codes into her paintings of women wearing hats that feature carnivorous plants. Enjoy! Photo Credit … [Read more...]

Toys R Us using QR Codes to Increase Summer Sales

School is almost out and the kids will be bored before you know it!… Time to purchase some new summer beach toys, maybe a new swing set? Whatever it maybe, it sure would be nice to get a chance to view what the toys do before purchasing it. Toys R Us stores continue to … [Read more...]

Window Signs with QR Codes

I just wanted to take a quick moment to highlight the video below. It comes from the great folks at Mojave Copy and Printing. Full disclosure: they one of our favorite customers! The video below demonstrates one of the services that they can provide to your business — … [Read more...]

Sunny QR Codes, Sales, and Smiles

Can QR Codes help you to generate more sales? When used properly, I absolutely believe that can be true! If marketers apply sound fundamentals — including providing a relevant, mobile-optimized experience and giving customers & prospects something that truly benefits … [Read more...]

QR Code Leads to Take-it-Off Entertainment

You see a QR Code on a sign and you scan it. Simple enough, the code resolves to a message urging you to make a phone call. Inquiring young people made the call. What happened next was not only entertaining, it was a brilliant marketing campaign. Several bold young people … [Read more...]