Native App V.S. Web App

It seems like everyone wants a mobile app for their business these days, even if they don’t even know what they want the app to do.  The app market has grown so fast, everyone wants to jump on the app wagon, as everyone should, because apps don’t seem to be going anywhere any … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Bread! QR Codes Make Grocery Shopping Easy [Video]

QR Codes are used in so many ways. We have seen them in advertising, on business cards, movie posters and even building code permits. In South Korea where workers commute on the subways, Tesco/Home Plus supermarkets has changed the meaning of convenience using QR Codes to make it … [Read more...]

12 Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

by Stephanie True Moss, This article first appeared as a Guest post on The mobile revolution is happening! Increasingly, mobile smart phones and tablets are shifting our attention away from our desktop and laptop computers to our mobile … [Read more...]