QR Codes and Social Sharing

This morning, I read an article on Mobile Marketing by Dale Remie, founder/CEO of Grapevine QR, titled "The Missing Link in QR Code and Facebook Marketing."If I read Dale's article correctly, he is basically saying that, when a company uses a QR Code for promotion or advertising … [Read more...]

How Patek Philippe Likes to Waste Time

"Time is a woman's most precious commodity," says luxury watch maker Patek Philippe. But, if that's the case, why does the company like to waste a woman's time with a QR Code campaign (targeted towards women) that simply fails to deliver?    When the QR Code, a custom … [Read more...]

QR Code Adoption: 2013 Trends & Statistics

QR Code trends continue to gain momentum as smartphone owners grow across the globe, and smart marketers turn to engage marketing to reach mobile consumers.  Released last month, eMarketer’s latest statistics  showcase that on average, 19% of US respondents (1 in 5) have scanned … [Read more...]

Which Mobile Bar Code Ad Is Best?

Recently, I spotted two print ads which feature a mobile bar code, one from Moen and one from Delta, both manufacturers of kitchen and bath faucets, and I thought it would be interesting to compare the ads side by side to see which one is compelling enough to move me further … [Read more...]

QR Codes, Why Use Anything Else?

Ever since I began writing this blog, I've tried to remain agnostic with respect to showing support for one type of bar code format over another but, after seeing a recent print ad (see images below) from Ekornes, a Scandinavian furniture manufacturer, I believe it's finally … [Read more...]

QR Code Greeting Cards

During a quick trip to Target the other day looking for some cards for some upcoming birthdays, I saw some “scantastic” QR Code greeting cards! These are cards that have QR Codes in the designs. When you scan the QR Code, it links to a message of some sort. Now these cards are … [Read more...]

Should Luxury Marketers Use QR Codes?

Articles written about QR Codes often help to raise awareness about the technology and its usefulness for marketing and advertising purposes but, after reading a recently published article on Luxury Daily titled, "Should luxury marketers move on from QR Codes?", I'm not so sure … [Read more...]

Mobile Engagement & QR Codes Insights 2.0

QR Codes are no longer news. But linking a physical item to digital content, such as a video or social media link, with a QR Code is only half the story. To maximize ROI of a mobile marketing campaign, businesses need to understand the whole customer journey from start to finish: … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Audience About QR Codes

When you are in the thick of all things marketing, staying on top of the latest in mobile marketing and how to interconnect your print and online media, it’s easy to forget that your average consumer does not stay on top of such things. Here are some tips on how to teach your … [Read more...]

QR Code Quilts

Sewing… either you can do it or not. I can sew a straight line, and that’s where my sewing skills end. Yet some people are so creative and also extremely talented when it comes to sewing. I did some research just for fun and found a ton of QR Code quilts. People are … [Read more...]

Forbes Article on Rogue QR Codes

On Forbes.com, there's an article titled "When QR Codes Go Rogue," which talks about how a QR Code can be hacked and, if scanned, it can lead a person to a malicious website or wreak havoc with the workings of a person's mobile phone. While this topic has been talked about … [Read more...]