Starbucks Incorporate QR Codes onto its Packaging

Thanks to the folks at VGART Design for sharing the QR Code below with our CEO John Foley, Jr. Upon seeing the picture, I was quite excited. When a mainstream brand such as Starbucks is using QR Codes on their packaging, it should help to increase awareness and acceptance of QR … [Read more...]

The Sam Adams QR Code Coaster

I must send a Thank You to Kevin Keane of IAPHC fame for alerting me to this. This video demonstrates how Samuel Adams used QR Codes for a recent holiday promotion. Take a quick moment to see how print and mobile were successfully integrated to achieve business objectives: I … [Read more...]

Mobile Coupons, Reward for Scan [infographic]

Mobile coupon users are 3X more likely to scan a QR Code or 2D barcode than to respond to an SMS message!     … [Read more...]

The Ebay Inspiration Shop QR codes

Ebay has done it! Teaming with designer Jonathan Adler, they have built a one of a kind store front in New York City that empowers mobile shoppers to buy products on their phones using QR codes. The "Inspiration" Shop is located on Park Avenue but doesn't … [Read more...]

QR Code Helps Spread Message of Stroke Risk from Atrial Fibrillation!

We have seen QR codes used to market everything from jeans to cars and taking advantage of the opportunities that smart phones offer in extending the reach of printed advertising. We are beginning to see QR codes used for health education. We found that scanning the QR code on … [Read more...] uses QR Codes to Help Atrial Fibrillation Patients

When new patients are diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) health care providers, including cardiologists, electro-physiologists, surgeons, and nurse practitioners will be handing them this card to introduce them to patient resources. The card from, an … [Read more...]