Pantone Fall 2012 QR Code Colors

Being a designer, it is safe to say that I absolutely love color. Thus, I certainly get quite excited when Pantone comes out with their color collections each season. In an effort to bring together two things that I really like, the QR Codes below have been created in Pantone’s … [Read more...]

How QR Codes Mobilized the London Olympics [VIDEO and CASE STUDY]

The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games officially wrapped up, and ScanLife was thrilled to be a part of this global event. These Olympics marked the first time that mobile truly became part of the games in every way - social, commerce, location aware, apps - and the … [Read more...]

Make Your Cake Personal with QR Codes

Birthdays are a time when friends and family gather around a cake and sing Happy Birthday. But what if the cake sang it for you just by scanning a QR Code? Thanks to for putting together this excellent article. The article is about a bakery that  has started placing QR … [Read more...]

QR Codes and a Location-Based Print Advertisement

I was quite happy to stumble upon this recent marketing effort that incorporated QR Codes. One coffee shop in Israel has placed a QR Code into the print advertisements that they run. Upon scanning the QR Code, people are directed to a mobile website that enables them to quickly … [Read more...]

Wendy’s Restaurants using QR Codes

Special thanks go out to Grow Socially’s Kerry Stinson for this latest QR Code find! Kerry noticed that her recent lunch from Wendy’s came with a few QR Codes. One of the QR Codes was on the bag and the other was on the box that her sandwich came in. The QR Code on … [Read more...]

34% of Smartphone Owners Scan QR Codes In-Store

I am quite happy that I stumbled upon this infographic earlier today. It highlights a number of statistics that point to this fact: mobile devices are changing the way that people that shop within a retail environment. The infographic covers a number of items, including how many … [Read more...]

QR Code Cow

Mooooo! It’s not everyday that you see a cow walking around with a QR Code spray painted on its side. Thanks to BBC News Leicestershire for putting together this excellent article. A Leicestershire dairy cow with a digital QR Code spray-painted on its side is being used to … [Read more...]

Boston Market using QR Codes this Summer

Boston Market is heating up their summer promotions this summer by including QR Codes on their marketing pieces. A great article from Mobile Commerce Daily explains how the chain restaurant decided to incorporate mobile into its “The Unofficial Sponsor of Summer” … [Read more...]

Catch up with QRreate & Track at MFSA

QReate & Track is very excited to be heading to MFSA this week! If you are going to be attending the show or just want to know what we are up to, scan the QR Code below to get all the details! … [Read more...]

Stock Market QR Code

The USA Today Newspaper last week featured a green QR Code in the Money section that caught my eye, so I thought I would share. The QR Code was next to a small paragraph explaining how you can get the latest business news on your smartphone. When I scanned the QR Code it linked … [Read more...]

Pizza and QR Codes

I wanted to share a QR Code find that I spotted earlier this week on a pizza box. Regina Pizzeria now has QR Codes on their pizza boxes – making their pizza boxes interactive. The QR Code links to their mobile website where you can either order “curbside to go” or sign up for … [Read more...]