Scrapbooking and QR Codes

Scrapbooking is getting more and more popular these days. And while at the craft store the other day I happen to spot these very cool QR Code stickers called They are QR Code stickers that you can put on your scrapbook pages and they allow you  to record a message  so … [Read more...]

Black Friday Shopping and QR Codes

Black Friday… Where do you start? You either love it and stand in line with everyone else or you just stay far away from the stores for the entire weekend. This year with all of the websites that feature the Black Friday flyers, I was excited to see that more stores are using QR … [Read more...]

Mobile Sales Alerts via QR Codes

The holidays are right around the corner and that means that the lines at the stores are going to get longer, your mailbox will start to get full with sales flyer’s and the parking lots are going to become a zoo. Happy Holidays! I know myself, I have started to get a lot more … [Read more...]

Virtual Holiday Shopping

Thanks to for putting together the excellent article. It highlights how the toy brand Mattel and Walmart Stores have created a virtual toy stores for this holiday season. “Yesterday Mattel and Walmart Canada launched a QR Code virtual toy store in Toronto’s … [Read more...]

Wedding cakes and QR Codes

While planning a wedding is a lot of fun, there is no doubt about it that it is a lot of work. While I am enjoying every bit of it, this past weekend might have been one of the best parts of the planning… cake tasting!! Now I don’t know about you, but who … [Read more...]

Halloween Inspired QR Code

In honor of Halloween this week, we have designed a Halloween-inspired QR Code. Scan the QR Code to find some fun Halloween facts, pumpkin carving tips, candy facts and more! … [Read more...]

QR Codes in the Wild: October 2012 Edition

Each month we write tons of blog posts on about the QR Codes that we come across while we are out and about. This month like every other month, we saw plenty of creative ways that people are using QR Codes in their marketing efforts. Below are some of the … [Read more...]

Using QR Codes on Receipts

I wanted to take a moment to highlight how QR Codes can be used to gather a very important piece of data — immediate customer feedback. While it’s certainly important for businesses of all types to find out what their customers are feeling and thinking about, this … [Read more...]

Pantone Fall 2012 QR Code Colors

Being a designer, it is safe to say that I absolutely love color. Thus, I certainly get quite excited when Pantone comes out with their color collections each season. In an effort to bring together two things that I really like, the QR Codes below have been created in Pantone’s … [Read more...]

How QR Codes Mobilized the London Olympics [VIDEO and CASE STUDY]

The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games officially wrapped up, and ScanLife was thrilled to be a part of this global event. These Olympics marked the first time that mobile truly became part of the games in every way - social, commerce, location aware, apps - and the … [Read more...]

Make Your Cake Personal with QR Codes

Birthdays are a time when friends and family gather around a cake and sing Happy Birthday. But what if the cake sang it for you just by scanning a QR Code? Thanks to for putting together this excellent article. The article is about a bakery that  has started placing QR … [Read more...]