Taco Bell Builds a Hunger-Inducing QR Code

At the interlinkONE office, we have recently been debating where our next company field trip should be. Should we go to the beach? Take a boat cruise around Boston Harbor? How about going to a music festival, or perhaps a ball game? Or should we try to re-live the successful trip … [Read more...]

AARP Magazine Using QR Codes

Thank you to Dena Woerner (Vice President of Grow Socially) and Katherine O’Brien (Senior Editor of American Printer) for sharing this QR Code in the Wild with us! They brought it to our attention via a tweet that was sent during the NAPL/NPES Executive Briefing series. As you … [Read more...]

Target Marketing Magazine is Using QR Codes

If you are looking to stay up-to-date on important trends in the world of marketing, I would highly recommend checking out Target Marketing Magazine. They consistently provide a nice balance of commentary, insight, and case studies. I’ve been inspired on more than … [Read more...]

Weddings and QR Codes

It is very rare these days that you flip through a magazine and not come across a QR Code (a year ago this was not the case, so it is exciting to finally be able to say that). Last night while looking through some wedding magazines, I spotted a lot of QR Codes. So I thought I … [Read more...]

Rock it out with QR Codes

From a company that inspires kids to rock on stage and in life, it was only an added benefit to see that they are using QR Codes too! From the School of Rock website: “We believe the best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the lesson room to the … [Read more...]

TurboTax using QR Codes this Tax Season

Tax season is here! Have you filed your taxes yet? Whether you have or not, I must say I was excited to see that TurboTax is using QR Codes on their magazine ads. Below is a picture of their recent ad in a magazine. The QR Code goes to their website where you can estimate your … [Read more...]

The Print Advertisement That Talks to You

I must apologize to the great folks at CustomXM. They ran this tremendous print advertisement back in August of 2011… but for some reason, I never completed the task of promoting it here on the blog. Well, I’m very late, but the QR Code still works. So, here it … [Read more...]