‘Tis the Season to be Scanning [INFOGRAPHIC]

To celebrate the busiest scanning season of the year, we are thrilled to bring you the Mobile Barcode Trend Report: Holiday Shopping Edition for 2012.  This Edition illustrates the dramatic growth in scanning as compared to year prior.  It also offers key insights into the who’s … [Read more...]

Infographic: Catching Up and Getting Mobile

Our own Michelle Jollymore created this incredible infographic about the the growth and usage of QR codes and mobile technology. Check it out! … [Read more...]

34% of Smartphone Owners Scan QR Codes In-Store

I am quite happy that I stumbled upon this infographic earlier today. It highlights a number of statistics that point to this fact: mobile devices are changing the way that people that shop within a retail environment. The infographic covers a number of items, including how many … [Read more...]

The Rise of QR Codes [InfoGraphic]

InfoGraphic showing QR Code scanning information. … [Read more...]

Why Have You Scanned QR Codes? [InfoGraphic]

Are you seeing more QR Codes than ever? It seems like they are everywhere. We are scanning them as we see them and are having fun doing it. The folks at Lab42 asked 500 Americans about QR Codes. Here is what they found: … [Read more...]

The QR Invasion – Kyoo-Ahr Kohd [InfoGraphic]

  An invasion of QR Codes has made its way to us! Physical and Digital Worlds Collide with QR Codes. This infographic from the folks at JumpScan gives a great idea of the who, what and where of QR Codes. If you haven't seen them, you will. Get your smart phone ready, go … [Read more...]

QR Codes At-a-Glance [InfoGraphic]

The Daring Librarian has given us many tutorials and now she has shared with us her QR Code Comic Tutorial. Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones brings her librarian's point of view to the understanding of QR Codes, what they are and how they work. See this and more of The Daring … [Read more...]

A Mobile Barcode Awareness Study [InfoGraphic]

Austin & Williams shared this great InfoGraphic showing growth in scanning of QR Codes in 2010. The explosion of the smartphone market allowed barcode scanning to grow 700 percent from January 2010 to July 2010.   … [Read more...]