Technology and Social Media Trailblaze the Fashion Industry

Today more than ever apparel brands must think of clever ways to disrupt the retail and fashion industries. INSPR is a high-quality apparel designer focused on just that. It’s no secret retailers are struggling to attract and engage consumers in a relevant and digital way. With … [Read more...]

Quoted on QR Codes in Luxury Daily

In an article in today's Luxury Daily, I'm quoted about the use of QR Codes. Enjoy.Kiton bridges print, mobile via QR code experience By Erin Shea April 19, 2013 Italian apparel brand Kiton is connecting its print and mobile marketing through a QR code on its … [Read more...]

Sperry Top-Sider uses QR Code, Poorly

Sperry Top-Sider, the nautical shoe company, is running this print ad which features a QR Code.What's interesting about the use and display of this QR Code, which I have yet to see elsewhere, is that it includes a shortened URL address ( generated), as opposed to a … [Read more...]

QR Codes, Which One Wins

Usually, I'll review one QR-Code-based ad at a time, but today, I thought to review two ads head-to-head, one from Seiko and the other from Tissot, and see which one offers the better mobile/QR Code/brand/interactive experience.The Seiko ad.When the QR Code is scanned, the reader … [Read more...]

Lacoste’s QR Code and the User Experience

In the current issue of Gotham magazine, Lacoste is running an ad which features a QR Code (the code is in the lower left-hand corner of the ad, which got cut off in the picture below, sorry).The first time I scanned the QR Code, I was brought to a page which displayed a rotating … [Read more...]

QR Code Leads to Take-it-Off Entertainment

You see a QR Code on a sign and you scan it. Simple enough, the code resolves to a message urging you to make a phone call. Inquiring young people made the call. What happened next was not only entertaining, it was a brilliant marketing campaign. Several bold young people … [Read more...]