Shop for Tools via the QR Code on a Direct Mailer

As someone that is worked in the computer industry for too long, I have pretty much come to accept the fact I will never be handy with many tools. And yes, that means it can be fairly embarrassing for me as my neighbors watch my wife handle a hammer, a screw gun, a ladder, etc., … [Read more...]

Qweekr: The QR Code Magazine

Okay, we admit it. We could not find anyone at the office that speaks French. However, the power of video can help to deliver a message in multiple ways. If you have a free moment today, please watch the video below. It demonstrates how readers with smartphones are able to engage … [Read more...]

ShopSavvy BarCode & QR Code Scanner

You may already have a great QR code scanner in your app library. Have you been using Shop Savvy to find the best prices around? We have!  We have saved on big ticket items and moderately priced items as well thanks to ShopSavvy. Give ShopSavvy's scanner a try on the next QR code … [Read more...]