Are You Using Deterministic Data to Drive Results?

The 2017 Holiday Season is already upon us, and as always the primary concern for brands, retailers and marketers alike continues to be two-fold: move products off the shelf and generate sales. However, every year industry players are forced to reevaluate their playbook for … [Read more...]

Introducing mVision: Unlocking Data You Want to See

This week we released a completely new analytics tool that allows our customers to get more questions answered about their ScanLife powered activity. Yes, it's great to know "how many scans did I get" but what if you could go further and answer what age group and gender is … [Read more...]

New App, New Insights! What YOU Like.

ast week, we launched the all new ScanLife app, which allows our users to decide which QR & barcode scans they like they best. The tally of likes is visible to anyone at the top of the page after you scan a code. So after 7 days, what do people like most? Without … [Read more...]

QR Code Reporting: Track the Locations of Scans

Our team is quite excited to announce the release of some major new enhancements to the QReate & Track application. One feature that many customers have been looking forward to for a long time has been included in this release. Yes, QR Code location-tracking and reporting is … [Read more...]

Your QR Code May Have Said Too Much

We often hear that “a QR Code is just a QR Code.” While they may look the same, what happens behind the code can vary widely – and that is really where the magic happens. The value of QR Codes is vast, and one area that all marketers love is data – or … [Read more...]

Track and Change Your Custom QR Codes

Couple things come to mind when your starting a QR code campaign, how can I brand it, see how many scans the QR code gets, and how can I change the link the QR code directs to?  Good news!  Now you are able to add tracking and dynamic capabilities right from the QRlicious order … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Offer QR Code Analytics

  Something I hear quite often from our feedback forms is that our clients wish we offered an analytics package of some sort with our services. QR code analytics is something we experimented with in the past but ultimately decided was not for us. It wasn’t an easy … [Read more...] Improves QR Code Optimization and Output

We reported on October 8 about offering QR code generation by adding.qr to the end of shortened URLs. On October 13 actually announced their new service. We initially wrote that the QR code was too cumbersome and not truly optimized. Since then … [Read more...]

Comparing URL Shortener to & Twitter has entered the URL Shortener arena in a big way offering QR codes and click tracking. If you are tracking your QR codes – your certainly should track all of your codes for your marketing campaigns – make sure to read Danny Sullivan's post at … [Read more...]