QR Codes and the 2012 USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion

The USPS is rolling out a Mobile Barcode Promotion to encourage companies to include QR Codes on their direct mail pieces over the summer of 2012. As fans of QR Codes, we are certainly excited about this! And we’d love to help you take advantage of their offer. However, the … [Read more...]

The QR Beauty and Brains

QR Codes are great for many reasons when executed well, but let’s face it, they are not the prettiest things in the world.  To many, they look like a game of Space Invaders or some kind of bizarre maze. So here at ScanLife, we carried out a survey to find out more on the … [Read more...]

QR codes for London commuters

For those of us who live in London, and have the dubious pleasure of using public transport daily, QR codes are becoming part of the landscape. We see them in the daily newspapers, on billboards, advertisements, etc. To the surprise of many, including your humble correspondent, … [Read more...]

U.S. Marketers Embrace QR Codes

Two weeks ago, we released the results from a study that illustrate a high awareness and adoption of 2D barcodes among U.S. marketers. The survey gave us some tremendous insight into what marketers want out of 2D barcodes. Conducted through uSamp’s SurveyBuilder, the sample … [Read more...]

2D Barcode Certification Program Guarantees Printers’ Success

Beginning in March, Print Services providers will be able to complete the 2D Certified Program from Mobile technology pioneer Print2D (www.print2d.com). The certification program will offer much-needed training for printers using QR Codes and other 2D barcode formats in their … [Read more...]

Macy’s Amps Up Backstage Pass QR Codes

Macy's has released new mobile content with qr codes. It looks like they are taking "Backstage Pass" to the next level. Macy's is augmenting the retail shopping experience with exclusive and useful mobile web content and QR Codes. Check out the video below and info about … [Read more...]