Smartphone Shipments Top PC’s For First Time Ever

In 2011, Smartphone shipments topped PCs for the first time ever, by 73 million units, according to figures published by research firm Canalys on Friday.  If you were questioning the popularity of the smartphone, just thinking it was a niche product, this is a huge wake up call.  Last year a total of 487.7 million smartphones were shipped. Only 414.6 million PCs, which include tablet PCs, shipped. That’s a 62.7 percent increase on shipments of smartphones over 2010.

This is all Apples fault!  They are the ones killing the PC, with 37 million iphones sold in the fourth quarter alone, the PC is looking like it will need a hail marry touch down to comeback.

“In the space of a few years, smartphones have grown from being a niche product segment at the high-end of the mobile phone market to becoming a truly mass-market proposition,” Canalys VP Chris Jones said. “The greater availability of smartphones at lower price points has helped tremendously, but there has been a driving trend of increasing consumer appetite for Internet browsing, content consumption and engaging with apps and services on mobile devices.”

To be real, the smartphone industry is just beginning, we have to also take in the fact that people do not replace PC’s every year or two like they do with phones.  Regardless, smartphones are becoming easier and easier to come by as they get less expensive, and more available to everyone.  The tides have turned, and the entire world, is now going mobile.