ShopSavvy BarCode & QR Code Scanner

ShopSavvy.comYou may already have a great QR code scanner in your app library. Have you been using Shop Savvy to find the best prices around? We have!  We have saved on big ticket items and moderately priced items as well thanks to ShopSavvy. Give ShopSavvy’s scanner a try on the next QR code you encounter. It is blazing fast. The only downside we have noted is that our ShopSavvy app doesn’t save history from QR code scans like some other scanners do.

Like many in the US, BigInJapan has seen the growing acceptance of QR codes. In December of 2009 BigInJapan reported:

…When manufacturers begin marking their products with QR codes we WILL include them in our system.  For now “0″ manufacturers create QR codes for use in retail supply chains – i.e. as they do for 1D codes.  As soon as they do ShopSavvy will allow you to scan a 1D or 2D code (i.e. EAN/QR) and retrieve product information including: price, availability, dimensions, weight, ingredients, social impact and environmental impact.

BigInJapan/ShopSavvy has embraced QR codes in another way. On their website are QR codes with links for both iPhone and Android users to scan to download the ShopSavvy app.

The software is available for free. As part of the release, Big In Japan said it was launching a “Scan with ShopSavvy” branding program, to encourage consumers to scan the 2D barcodes with their phones.