Review: Mobile Website Creator Enhances QR Code Experience

Does your QR Code lead to your company website? Is your mobile message obvious to those visitors on their smart phones or tablets? Perhaps it’s time to consider going mobile!

Here is a review of a new service that helps you to create a truly mobile experience for your QR Code scanners!

QMFGMobile on is offering a new mobile landing page builder. Visioniz is the parent of as well as QR Code generator service QRlicious and is based in Denver Colorado. QRlicious is a provider of custom branded QR codes, and OMFGmobile has already seen success with a free WordPress plugin. A new client center and website builder offering multiple packages catering to all users, regardless of skill or technical know-how.

OMFGMobile offers a 30 day grace period, which allows time to create, edit and begin using the mobile site before the modest payments begin. Designed to be easy to use, OMFGmobile features a drag and drop mobile website creator. Each site can have unlimited pages which can be edited in the dashboard.

“We are aware that the users will implement more and more pages into their mobile websites and it may create a problem to manage. Our editing tools will help them in this aspect no matter how many pages they include in their mobile site.” says Co-Founder Freeman LaFleur.

Upload images, videos, and text to almost every template to create appealing and unique mobile sites with the following features:  Low price $50/$5 month, Free developer friendly WordPress plugin, Unlimited pages, Drag & drop capability, Template Library – themed templates, with different layouts, colors, textures, and capabilities, FREE OMFG Mobile plugin in WordPress repository, WordPress shortcodes to customize your mobile pages, Call to action links, including click to call, email, social networks, and much more, Offers the ability to order custom branded QR codes to drive traffic.

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