Don’t Forget the Bread! QR Codes Make Grocery Shopping Easy [Video]

Virtual shopping in South Korea

QR Codes are used in so many ways. We have seen them in advertising, on business cards, movie posters and even building code permits. In South Korea where workers commute on the subways, Tesco/Home Plus supermarkets has changed the meaning of convenience using QR Codes to make it happen!

Imagine the convergence of the supermarket and the subway station without the grocery carts and cash registers! That is exactly what the creative minds at Tesco/HomePlus have created. Commuters/shoppers don’t even have to carry the groceries home from their subway supermarket shopping trip!

Tesco/HomePlus installed images of fully stocked supermarket shelves on the walls of the subway stations allowing commuters to shop while they wait! By selecting products on the virtual supermarket shelves and scanning those product’s QR Codes with their smart phones, customers fill their online shopping carts until they have completed their shopping. The items are purchased as with other online shopping, but shortly after arriving home, the groceries are delivered! Sweet!

Tesco Korea from Mori on Vimeo.

After this campaign, on-line sales increased tremendously (Nov.2010-Jan.2011). Through this campaign, 10,287 consumers visited the online HOMEPLUS mall using smartphones. The number of new registered members rose by 76%, and on-line sales increased 130%. Currently, HOMEPLUS is No.1 in the on-line market and is a very close 2nd offline. — Tesco Korea

QR Codes were one of the tools Tesco/HomePlus used to bring this shopping idea to those whose days are already busy enough!

Do you think that if subway stations and similar public spaces in the US and other countries had free wifi access that this concept would work? Would you shop such a place?


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