QR Codes: Jimmy Fallon Gets Them, Do You?

Jimmy Fallon is always pushing the envelope with social media. He uses twitter in unique ways and now he is adding QR Codes to the mix! Bravo Jimmy!

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon’s show is not your dad’s late night talk show! He is innovative without sophomoric skits and jokes – well most of the time anyway!

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In the old days, when a musician introducing a new album appeared on a talk show, the host would hold up the album cover, but Jimmy Fallon this week may have started a new trend by offering up a QR code instead.

For Fallon, this is just the latest in a long line of innovative social media outreach programs. Fallon has been a pioneer among his fellow talk show hosts in the use of Twitter, has enthusiastically disemminated clips of his show online to reach a digital savvy audience and has picked up on Internet memes like “Double Rainbow,” which he performed as Neil Young.

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