QR Code Leads to Take-it-Off Entertainment

You see a QR Code on a sign and you scan it. Simple enough, the code resolves to a message urging you to make a phone call. Inquiring young people made the call. What happened next was not only entertaining, it was a brilliant marketing campaign.

Several bold young people scanned the QR Code, made the call, entertained the crowd and were well rewarded for following the directions received.

Chilean fashion company, Americanino created a “Flash event” with their QR Code and this message ” “Cuando vives el estado hipnótico de Americanino, los cambios no se hacen esperar. Atrévete a llamar a este número +56 9 67349967, compruébalo y no te muevas de acá”. This translates as: “When you live Americanino hypnotic state, the changes will not wait. Dare to call this number +56 9 67349967, check it and do not move from here. ”  (Google Translate)

A free updated outfit was the reward to those who took the challenge.
QR Codes can offer fun experiences or just mundane links. Those who claim to hate QR Codes probably dislike the lame experiences offered by many QR Codes.
Resist the urge to create a QR Code that just links to your same old non-mobile website. Be creative and make the experience your QR Code offers something that people will want to talk about and share.
How would you have responded to the instructions from that QR Code induced phone call?

Source: Roger Smolski, 2d-code.co.uk