QR Code Tag – WP Plugin

QR Code Tag WordPress Plugin


Create QR Codes in your WordPress blog or site with the QR Code Tag Plugin and a couple of shortcodes. Another simple action to create QR Codes from the text or URL that you insert between the shortcodes. QR Codes can be output for your other projects in multiple formats including GIF, PNG or JPEG.

  • Choose your QR Code generator: Google Chart API (online connection required) or QR Code Lib (included)
  • Uses cURL if allow_url_fopen is disabled (Google Chart API)
  • GIF, PNG or JPEG image output
  • All QR Code images are cached
  • Use as a Sidebar Widget
  • Use the Shortcode below within your posts

QRcodeTag content


  • Use the PHP function inside your own template
  • “Best Read Mode” for optimized QR Code image size
  • Works with PHP 5.3 as well
  • Works on symlinked plugin folders
  • Available plugin admin interface languages: English, German

Download QR Code Tag WordPRess Plugin