QR Code SCANVenger Hunt Kicks Off in Dayton, Ohio

ScanVenger Hunt in Dayton, Ohio

The QR Code fun is starting! If you are in Dayton, Ohio this weekend, get your QR Code scanners ready. You might be interested in taking part in the latest SCANVenger Hunt or just following along and see how to use QR Codes in fun new ways and how QR Codes can help increase customer engagement. We will be interested in hearing about your SCANVenger Hunt experience.

Here are the details:


Who Will Win The iPad2 at Infiniti of Dayton This Weekend?
SCANVenger Hunt Game Rules
and Things You Need to Know

The First SCANVenger Hunt™at Infiniti will be on
Friday February the 10th – 12th 

Infiniti of Dayton hours of operation are:
Monday through Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 12pm – 4pm
When participating at Infiniti of Dayton you will have to scan the QR Codes located on vehicles and throughout the dealership. When you scan the QR Code you will have to either perform a task or answer a trivia question.There are a total of 15 QR Codes:
–          1 on the door when you walk in (outside)
–          2 on vehicles near the front door (outside)
–          3 in the showroom (inside)
–          1 in the hallway (inside)
–          2 in the waiting area (inside)
–          1 on the pre-owned entrance (outside)
–          3 in the pre-owned car showroom (inside)
–          1 on the detail shop entrance (outside)
–          1 on service department entrance (outside)
You must scan all the locations and perform the tasks in order to be eligible to win the iPad.
The first iPad drawing will be on Monday February 13th during the taping of the City of Centerville television show. It will air at 11:45 am on Time Warner channel 5 the same day. We will also make the announcement through Facebook and Twitter at 12pm on Monday. The winner must respond via Facebook by posting a picture with someone holding their feet while doing a handstand with the caption, “I am the SCANVenger Hunt iPad Winner!” This has to be emailed to ScanTrivia@gmail.com Got questions?  Send us an e-mail at service@SCANVengerHunt.net!
Good luck!
QR Code registration for ScanVenger Hunt
  1. Did you join the SCANVenger Hunt?
  2. How many QR Codes did you scan?
  3. Were the clues challenging?
  4. Did your team complete all of the QR Code clues?
  5. Did you find the SCANVENGER Hunt to be  a fun experience?
  6. Would you recommend other communities try SCANVenger hunts?