QR Generators List

2urdu_qrcode_20140811222639-QRmedia-listNow that you have decided to create your own QR Code you need to plan what type of QR Code to create. There are many types of QR Codes including those for URL or websites, plain text, SMS, phone call, vCard, email, social media links and more. There is an abundance of  QR Code generators. QR Code generators also vary in the types of QR Codes they can produce and the extra services they offer. Try several QR Code generators to see which is best for you. Use this comprehensive list to help you find the QR Code generator that works best for you! Most are free, some even offer tracking and analytics. Create QR Codes that work best for you with these tools. Or to search for a specific type of QR Code go to QRmediaGuide.com. Share QR Code generators that aren’t on our list? Use the form below to submit them for approval.  Check our other lists:  QR Code Generators with Tracking & Analytics, QR Code Readers & Scanners and Dynamic QR Codes! Scroll down for QR Code Generators List:


Search for QR Code Services at QRmedia.comCreate your own QR Code event or campaign. Search for and find the best QR Code Services at QRmediaGuide.com to help you with your next campaign or event. Search by the type of information you wish to encode or by the category of QR Code services you need.