PRINT2D: So Much More Than a QR Code Validation Service

Siriusxm QR Code - Print2dQR Codes can be an amazing instrument in your marketing tool chest. If not used or printed correctly, QR Codes can be at the very least a waste of space or a symbol of failure for what you thought was a great campaign. Creating the right QR Code experience can drive more excitement and traffic to your brand or product.

When you have created that next viral QR Code campaign, don’t leave to chance that once printed – on 500 or 500 thousand pieces – that QR Code will work at anytime on any smartphone with any scanning app.

PRINT2D bar code validation services take the mystery out of reproducing designer QR Codes and other 2D bar code formats. Accepting QR Codes from agencies, printers as well as creatives, tests are run using up to 14 separate makes of hand-held devices, 6 operating systems and 21 of the top QR Code/2D barcode readers currently available. Different tiers of testing are offered.  PRINT2D guarantees all of it’s test results which offers peace of mind that knowing that your QR Code will work when it is printed and published.

PRINT2D is the brainchild of Santa Monica-based Philip Warbasse.

“It’s not a matter of whether you’ve got the talent to create beautiful work but, rather, how extensive you can test it that matters most.”
– Philip Warbasse, CEO PRINT2D