Mermaids, Piano Bar and a QR code!

We count ourselves among the lucky in that we are friends with a mermaid!

Miami Mermaids at the Piano Sand Bar with QR codeThe Miami Mermaids made news recently after the discovery of a grand piano on a sandbar in the middle of Biscayne Bay. They decided to make the best of the situation and made their way to the “piano bar” candelabra and all. Pictures were taken and never to shy away from publicity, the mermaids (& merman) created a poster to commemorate the event.

QR Code for Miami Mermaids, Piano Sand Bar posterThe tech savvy mermaids have added a QR code to their poster to help spread the word that the posters are available. You will see the code at the bottom of the poster, but since the poster has been reduced to fit in the space, you can scan this enlargement of the mermaid’s QR code to see where it goes! The mermaids recognize that QR codes are another channel to attract interest in their poster!

In case you are interested in knowing more about the Miami Mermaids, here are some links to More of the Mermaids:

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