Hurricane Andrew 20th Anniversary QR Code and Videos

Hurricane Andrew 20th Anniversary

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Some of My Memories of Hurricane Andrew

We boarded up and waited. We did have TV and radio to watch Hurricane Andrew‘s progress. After they cut all of the electricity we listened on a transistor radio. Bryan Norcross helped us make it through the storm, telling us on the radio/tv simulcast what we needed to do to stay as safe as possible and keeping us company. We all hoped that the hurricane would turn or go somewhere else. It didn’t!

The 10th Anniversary video from Bryan Norcross.

Imagine what detail could have been shared with today’s technology. Florida’s Governor Lawton Chiles would have known that “we didn’t dodge the big one” after all and that just a few miles south of downtown Miami, it looked like nuclear war. Families across the country waking up to the news that a couple hundred thousand homes in south of Miami and down to Homestead had been destroyed or badly damaged, could have heard from loved ones of their/our survival. Perhaps it wouldn’t have taken Kate Hale asking for the Calvary before Washington realized that help was needed.

While America looked on at what was then the worst, most expensive disaster in American history, we were digging out of the pile of debris that had once been our home.

Here are some video reminders…

News reporter, Ann Bishop, who was seen in the movie The Shining was on duty that night, but her station was knocked off the air fairly early in the storm.

Boats on Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. Reports that the debris line at the Barnacle was the same as from the 1926 hurricane!

Four weeks later Charlie Gibson and Good Morning America did their show live from our street in Country Walk with visits to some other devastated areas as well.

Even people from other countries shared the images and devastation that was caused by Hurricane Andrew.

For days the TV coverage was wall-t0-wall hurricane coverage.  The lines we stood in for mail and food. Publix gave away the perishable foods, but the choice was slim. You got what they brought to the front when you happened to be there. We received bagels and (thawed) frozen cream pies. No one had electricity not even Publix! The helicopter pilot likened the devastation to Hiroshima!

Even the Flamingos at nearby MetroZoo (now ZooMiami) took cover during Hurricane Andrew. They all survived! Photo by Ron Magill.

And Next Time…

If there is a next time, I will put my loved ones in the car and leave long before the storm arrives!

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