Holiday QR Codes

QR Code Christmas greeting card

More people are using QR Codes and now they are using QR Codes in their holiday greetings. They are fun and add another dimension to the greetings of the season. Link to pictures, videos, send your own recorded greetings and so much more. Create your own QR Code to deliver the message of your choice. There are many QR Code generators available and most of them are free to use. Have fun with your holiday greetings this year and send us a link to your QR Code Holiday greeting.


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  1. I love the idea but what about if you already have the Card or maybe a gift. People like to send it faster and don’t want to take more than 5 minutes. Maybe they don’t know how to create an account in the third party sites like youtube or Flickr. The idea of a greeting card is be personal not public. Now you can – Share more than words.