Atlanta Green Company EcoDiscoveries Launches QR Code Campaign

EcoDiscoveries will be launching the implementation of QR (Quick Response) codes as part of a campaign to:

  • inform the community about EcoDiscoveries products
  • ways in which EcoDiscoveries is participating in efforts to positively impact the environment
  • engage communities
  • how others can do the same

QR codes are small barcode visuals which can be scanned and read with smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry). The unique code then directs the mobile browser to additional info, images or videos of interest to the QR inquirer which can be read/observed on the spot, hence the name “quick response.”

QR Code Scavenger Hunt:

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EcoDiscoveries’ launch of QR codes will take place at the Ecolife 2010 event Saturday, September 25 at Atlantic Station. EcoDiscoveries will be demonstrating the QR technology by conducting a scavenger hunt game which will guide the players around the event to key booths where players will scan another QR code, listen to the EcoWise tips, and then be directed to the next QR location.  At the end of the hunt, players will take the EcoWise quiz, testing the knowledge the player accumulated during the game. Winners will receive an EcoDiscoveries t-shirt with a unique QR code which can be scanned for years to come and always provide the latest EcoDiscoveries updates.

In Stores:

By the end of 2010, EcoDiscoveries anticipates that every EcoDiscoveries bottle sold in stores product will bear the QR code, allowing their customers to make informed buying decisions at the shelf.

EcoDiscoveries sees the implementation of QR codes as a way to close the gap between the EcoDiscoveries message and consumer understanding of its products and its mission.