Hi-Def Imaging Reveals da Vinci Code – QR coded into famous Painting

da Vinci coded this "qr" into his early painting the Annunziation.We know from studying Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing that he had many “modern” ideas. There were several flying machines, boats, armored cars, weapons and even a parachute. It was Dan Brown’s book and  movie, The Da Vinci Code that held us spellbound in search of the next code and clue. Now high definition imagery available online reveals that da Vinci coded a “qr” into one of his earliest paintings – the Annunciation over 500 years ago!

Close up of QR coded into da Vinci painting!da Vinci’s Annunciazione (1472-1475), can be seen at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. But it is Real High Definition (RHD) imaging that gives us extreme magnification and detail not seen online before!

RHD is a new technology developed by Haltadefinizione ® that allows you to produce images of exceptional quality where you can see details of the order of a hundredth of a millimeter without loss of sharpness and with absolute color fidelity. To achieve these results, Haltadefinizione ® has set very ambitious parameters: RHD images are captured digitally to a minimum optical resolution of 1500 ppi (pixels per inch) on the actual size of the work, without resorting to software interpolation algorithms. This new technology allows then magnifications much higher than the human eye can detect even with close observation of the work. Thanks to the extraordinary resolution, which can be up to 4000 ppi, Haltadefinizione ® is able to achieve the same quality, reproductions five times larger than the original work. RHD technology has been used with outstanding results, for the production of images of some of the great masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan.

QR code for haltadefinizione.comJust as it is the smart phone that has enabled us to decode QR codes, RHD that has brought us this close up of da Vinci’s 15th century “qr.” Who knew…!

Other great masterpieces can also be seen in RHD at HaltaDefinizione.com including Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, 1482-1485, and Caravaggio’s Bacca, 1597 both at the Uffizi.