Chevrolet Using QR Codes in Newspaper Ads

Chevrolet adds QR codes to their advertisementsThis morning we observed that Chevrolet has embraced QR codes in their current ad campaign. As seen in this full-page newspaper ad there is a QR code at the lower right corner of the ad.

Scan the QR code and you are prompted for your zip code and rewarded with a list of local dealers! There was no scanning instructions and no localized information for those who don’t or can’t scan the QR code! The QR code is adjacent to a Chevy logo with the URL beneath, that may be enough info for Chevrolet.

The good news is that Chevrolet has embraced QR codes as a new tool. Navigate a little further and – at least on the iPhone – you are offered the opportunity to download a couple of free Chevy apps.Chevy's QR code

Let’s see if Chevrolet offer any exciting new content via QR codes in their upcoming campaigns!