QR Codes, Trivia & The World Park [Video]

Not your typical park tour, The World Park uses Park Codes (QR Codes) to share Central Park's trivia in a way that engages a new generation of visitors and turns the park into an interactive board game! Arbor Day 2010. Created by Agency Magma and NYC Parks and … [Read more...]

QR Code Crazy! [video]

Kids in the classroom have fun using QR Codes Kids are headed back to the classroom and have so much in store for them which might just include QR Codes! Learn from kids just how easy it is to use QR Codes even without a smartphone in this video! Kids show the exception … [Read more...]

QR Codes are Everywhere – Just take a look!

Don't believe us, watch this video from our friends at MobileKlik! MobileKlik -- QR Codes Are Everywhere! … [Read more...]

12 Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

by Stephanie True Moss, QRmedia.us This article first appeared as a Guest post on SpinSucks.com The mobile revolution is happening! Increasingly, mobile smart phones and tablets are shifting our attention away from our desktop and laptop computers to our mobile … [Read more...]

The Mobile Revolution

QRmedia Editor, Stephanie True Moss, was one of the invited speakers at "The Mobile Revolution" conference in May 2011 in Overland Park, Kansas. The conference was presented by: Ragan Communications. Hosted by: Sprint The topic of her session: Mobile tagging: The real time … [Read more...]

QR Codes & Mobile: The Time is Now

Post by Stephanie True Moss, originally appeared on SpinSucks.com and also appeared on ragan.com. Smart phones are everywhere and so are QR Codes! By now you have seen and may have scanned your share of QR Codes. If you haven’t they can be fun and lead to videos, … [Read more...]

Petunias have their own QR Codes at Home Depot

A weekend visit to the garden center a our local Home Depot found QR codes on their newly arrived seasonal plants. The labels on most annuals, shrubs, herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables are now emblazoned with QR codes along with the normal info. Most any question you would … [Read more...]

The ATL Welcomes Travelers with QR Codes, Discounts & Deals

  Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport unveils new QR Code on campaign! As travelers make their way through the concourses of the ATL they will be able to scan QR Codes for discounts at airport stores and vendors. The mobile site also gives travelers valuable … [Read more...]

Triple Easter Egg QR Code!!

Jimmy Fallon's attention to detail, social media and entertainment is apparent again in his Friday night performance featuring Stephen Colbert with the Roots and Taylor Hicks singing Rebecca Black's "Friday!" Enjoy the video, but keep an eye out for the QR code. Did you … [Read more...]

US State Department Uses QR Code for Mobile Access

QR Codes are official! If you had doubts, they are officially recognized and utilized by the United States Government. Just cruise on over to State.gov and scan the QR code for the mobile version of the US State Department website. There is a link for Secretary of … [Read more...]

Companies connecting with customers through phone-friendly codes

Marketers scatter phone-friendly codes across ads By Sue Stock, McClatchy/Tribune news At first glance, a QR code looks like abstract art, but the black and white squiggly lines are poised to be the next big thing in marketing and advertising... "We're getting all the right … [Read more...]